North Pole Co.


We’ve all dreamed of the North Pole, the magic it holds, and all the toys and goodies the elves craft. This holiday season, add a dash of North Pole magic to your kitchen (or any holiday space in your house), as you whip up cookies for Santa this year.

  • 11 x 14 inches
  • Black frame
  • White background
  • Dark red lettering

Signs do not automatically come with a hanger. You may add one on for no additional charge by clicking the box below. Command Strips are also a great alternative.

All signs are handmade, and no two are exactly alike. There will be slight variances in wood grains. These differences add a unique and beautiful element to each piece. We guarantee the layout and design will be maintained, and that each sign will be made with the highest quality materials. We hand-pick and hand-cut every piece of wood, ensuring a beautiful, professionally finished piece we know you will love.


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