Always Be Kind Wood Sign


How we feel can dictate how we interact with others. Being kind is so important, even when we don’t feel like being kind. When we remember that we need to be kinder than we feel, we will always show more kindness to others.

  • 11 x 14 inches
  • Walnut stained frame
  • Dark grey background
  • Metal light grey lettering

Signs do not automatically come with a hanger. You may add one on for no additional charge by clicking the box below. Command Strips are also a great alternative.

All signs are handmade, and no two are exactly alike. There will be slight variances in wood grains. These differences add a unique and beautiful element to each piece. We guarantee the layout and design will be maintained, and that each sign will be made with the highest quality materials. We hand-pick and hand-cut every piece of wood, ensuring a beautiful, professionally finished piece we know you will love.

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