One Little Word- 2021

Many choose one word for the New Year rather than a resolution to help them focus on gain rather than goal. Often it is a word that carries intention and helps to guide you as you venture forward. Last year I chose “fearless,” and this year I chose “abundance.” Why? Because this year I desire to live in a manner of abundance- gratefulness and contentment with what I have, as well as standing with arms open for what this year has for me.

Last year, many of our customers requested One Little Word signs. Because they were such a hit, we decided to bring it back this year and add another design option for you! Below we have a wood block sign with felt flowers that we customize with your word, and you can choose your color pallet too. We also have our popular 7.5×10 inch wood sign that we customize with your word and add on imagery to accompany your word if you’d like.

What will YOUR word be? We can’t wait to see which sign you pick, and we are excited to make these important pieces for you!