Bethany Meyer

Hi! I’m Bethany!

I’m the creative mind behind our operations. As the artist, I design and create each of our pieces by hand, and make all the big decisions for Wonder & Twine. I am a right-brain creative thinker, and I enjoy living life through art, home decorating, choreographing and dancing. I get excitement from bringing my visions to life, and I firmly believe the spaces we do life in, are the perfect places to express ourselves!

Phil Brandvold

Hi! I’m Phillip!
I’m the logical mind behind our operations. As the tech guy, I create and maintain the website, and navigate all technical aspects for Wonder & Twine. I enjoy creating something from nothing, and I enjoy bringing that something to you. I believe this world doesn’t allow much space for creativity, so we are trying to change that! By connecting with you through our website and social media, I hope you find a friend in us, and that Wonder & Twine can be a part of your creative space and daily inspiration.

Why We Started Wonder & Twine

We are both creative people, and we know we’re not alone. However, we noticed that most people don’t have the space (mental or physical) in which to be creative. We wanted to provide inspiration to physical spaces through home decor, and a catalyst for people to hone their own creativity.

So we started Wonder & Twine.

Our purpose is simple: to provide both home decor and creative class opportunities to make space for personal expression thriving creativity.

Our home decor features rustic and earthly colors, farmhouse and modern styles, and inspirational words. But our work doesn’t only reside there- we enjoy making one of a kind custom pieces too!

We also get great joy from sharing our passion with others by hosting classes for those who want to try their hand at making their own wood sign. We believe that everyone has a bit of creativity in their bones- and we strive to create space for that to be expressed.

Thank you for visiting our website and browsing our work. Let us know if you have any questions, or if you would like to inquire on a custom piece. We hope to send you some happy mail soon- or see you in a class!