Decorating For The Seasons

Hey friend, let’s talk about decorating for the seasons!

Growing up, my family only ever decorated for Christmas. And if I am being honest, it was usually a pretty homely tree that was adorned with those “cute” kid made ornaments from over the years, and some random and inconsistently colored lights wrapped around the tree. We also had a nativity set that we set up each year. Aside from that we really didn’t do much decorating. It wasn’t much- but it was Christmas for us, and it brings back so many memories. 

As I became an adult, I discovered that many people go all out. And not just for Christmas, either, but like ALL-THE-TIME. Every season that came by, there was something new in their yard and their decor inside would bring you into a wonderland of that season. And the smells of their seasonal candles were delightful. While I appreciated the skill it took to do this, it seemed like a lot of work! I know for some people, decorating for each season fills them up, and they are DANG good at it. We all stand in admiration. 

When I got my first apartment with my husband, we decorated it with what we had. Even though everything was basic, I was okay with that. We then moved to our second apartment, which was more like a condo. By that time in my life, I wanted to decorate the space more, and so I did- but I still kept things pretty basic (there is only so much you can do in a beige walled apartment). 

Then, we bought our first house, and did a bunch of renovations (hello, old home from 1910). Decorating has become a labor of love for me. I can do anything I want with the space and I absolutely love it! But with all of this hard work to decorate and paint everything in order to usher in that homey feel, I couldn’t imagine having to do it all again every season. That just sounds like a lot of work to me…would it be weird if I hired someone to do it for me? Let’s be honest, I can’t afford that.  

So, about a year ago I came up with our Wonder Bundles, with the intention that it would help everyone to add a touch of the season to their home. Whether you are from the “decorate for every season” camp, or the “can I just hire someone” camp, and everywhere in between, these bundles are for you! The Wonder Bundle comes with at least 4 items that are designed to work cohesively in every home. They can be used together in one room, or spread throughout the house. I work to keep the color pallets neutral so that everyone can use them in any space, year after year. And, each product in the box is handmade by yours truly, ensuring the highest quality. 

So, for those of you who love to go all out, the Wonder Bundle will be a perfect addition to your collection of seasonal decor. And for those of you who would rather just sprinkle in a bit of the season throughout your home, the Wonder Bundle will help you do that with 4 easy items. It will take you less than 20 minutes to decorate for the season! 

Bundles can be purchased individually, or you can save yourself some money and purchase the yearly subscription (shipped 4 times a year). Everything will be shipped to your door prior to the season, ready to be used. Did I mention free shipping? We’ve got you covered! So check out our current Wonder Bundles, all are available for purchase. Or, purchase the yearly subscription and you will get the next 4 bundles throughout the year as we release them. Wonder Bundles are released about 1 month prior to the season (ex. end of April for Summer). 

I hope you love them as much as I do! They have been a huge hit with so many of our customers, and I think they will be for you too.

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