Less is More in Home Decor

The act of decorating our houses, the entire purpose of home decor, really, has two purposes in our lives: The first is to make our home comfortable and inviting for many who will visit and walk our halls. The second is to make our home comfortable to ourselves, typically conveying our personality and style preferences. Home décor is our way of expressing our personality in the most intimate space we have: the place in which we live.

However, have you ever walked into a home where you felt assaulted by every style imaginable? Have you ever visited a home where anything and everything is on display, causing you to wonder if a style actually exists in the space? Or perhaps you’ve visited a home where you definitely know that a style exists, because it is way over done. You know, those homes where nothing can divert from the single theme or color?

Well, dare I say… less=more. Beautiful homes are created when you pick out fewer statement pieces and scatter them evenly throughout the space. When choosing home décor, focus on pieces that make subtle statements; ones that add character to your room, but do not take away from the space itself. These subtle décor pieces will actually make a much larger impression than a large, over-the-top statement.

For example, a living room is a gathering space to sit and relax. It’s a space set aside to facilitate conversation with those around you. It is not a place made for you and your guests stare at the massive cat clock as it swings its tail, nearly knocking out your TV. Not only is it distracting, but it doesn’t really add to the space. Sure, it makes a statement… a huge one… but it doesn’t draw attention in a good way. Instead, the space might be less distracting and more inviting if you settle for the small cat statue done in an elegant silver, bronze, gold or rose-gold.

The subtler the home décor, the more of a statement it will really make, allowing both you and your guests to really enjoy that beautiful painting you hand selected. OR that cute little cat statue that portrays your love for cats. If you have multiple different items, creating a cacophony of styles, people will not know what to admire and appreciate, and it tends to give your home a sense of chaos.

So when decorating or re-decorating your home, find those subtle statement pieces, always remembering that less is more.

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